MICHAEL McGILL has drawn all his life. His previous peak periods for art were childhood, and later an intense band-flyer stretch when he was playing a lot of music around Atlanta in the 80s and early 90s. He picked it up again in earnest when he broke his elbow and was out of work for several weeks in late 2005, going to work as an artist and character consultant for a new educational program for children. Michael began painting, and then showing in galleries around Atlanta, in the summer of 2006.

Michael McGill

Michael's art covers most of his interests, from history and politics to wine and music. His wide-ranging mind and whimsical pen (not to mention saw and glue gun) may hint at influences from Carl Barks and Rube Goldberg to Monty Python and Peter Max; but a combination of imagination and lack of formal training make it certain that his work doesn't look like anybody else's. He definitely intends for his art to fully and boldly present his unique vision... but that goal's potential pomposity is pre-punctured by the playful facade of most of his pieces. The viewer can dig as deeply as she cares to, or simply dance on the sparkling surface.

Michael lives in Sandy Springs, Atlanta, with his wife, Karen, an artist (lush-brush.com). He is an accomplished songwriter, singing and playing guitar with The Omnivores; a Magna Cum Laude poly-sci grad from Georgia State University; and a Society of Wine Educators CSW. He also teaches guitar and bass at Eclectic Music in Virginia-Highland, and writes music articles and reviews for Music Angle. His first few years of serious art activity have included shows at Muss & Turner's, Kavarna Coffee, The Wine Cellars, Sabra Gallery, and Lola Art and Gifts.